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Wireless - Managed 3G Fixed, 4G WiMax, Satellite and 3G Mobile Wireless Providers

Wireless Carrier Information

Wireless - Managed 3G Fixed, 4G WiMax, Satellite and 3G Mobile Wireless Providers

Whether you're in a remote location needing Internet access, major Metro that requires MLAN to connect multiple locations or secure a "fail safe" redundancy backup, these providers have you covered. All can deliver wireless broadband but have unique network platforms and services.  We can assist in determining which carrier will best fit your requirements today and for future expansion needs.

Ethernet does deliver high speed bandwidth connections but you may not be located near a lit building or located along a fiber route. This is where the build-out costs for Ethernet can be expensive. Traditionally, if within 1500' the carrier will waive installation fees, if not, the cost is passed along and can take several months to install. High Bandwidth Fixed wireless is an excellent solution without the additional overhead and installation delays.

Accel Networks
arrow Accel Networks
Accel Networks is the leading provider of managed 3G fixed wireless broadband services in North America. Unlike land-based DSL, the combination of the four largest cellular networks covers over 99% of the US which enables Accel to offer connectivity to your locations including 4G WiMax, with ONE solution, not a mixture of varying price points, configurations and support.

arrow Airband
Airband Communications is the largest fixed wireless provider serving businesses in the United States. They deliver a comprehensive portfolio of high-bandwidth Internet access, point-to-point private line services and managed solutions over its wholly-owned network, one of the industry’s most scalable last-mile networks.

arrow AT&T
ATT is the communications provider of choice among large businesses. AT&T serves thousands of customers on six continents, including all of the Fortune 1000.The AT&T network includes extensive wireless and wired access capabilities, as well as one of the world's most advanced and powerful IP backbones. The nation's fastest 3G networks and the largest international coverage of any U.S. wireless carrier. The largest Wi-Fi network in the United States; and the largest number of high speed Internet access subscribers in the U.S.A.

Broad Sky Networks
arrow Broad Sky Networks
Broad Sky Networks offers a full suite of business class wireless broadband services from WiMax to Satellite and 3G / 4G WiMax Wireless and Fixed Wireless scalable up to GigE speeds anywhere in North America.

arrow Celairo Wireless
Celairo Wireless Solutions provides carrier grade Ethernet point-to-point and Dedicated Internet Access services seamlessly and securely without the telephone or cable company to businesses and ISPs in major metropolitan markets. Because Celairo owns its entire network, it is not dependent on the phone company and it is able to deliver symmetrical bandwidth to customers with faster installations  than the competition. The FCC awarded Celairo a nationwide license to install and manage 3.65Ghz WiMax networks anywhere in the US.

arrow MegaPath Networks
MegaPath offers global remote access and 100% nationwide broadband coverage via DSL, Cable, T1, ISDN, Fixed Wireless and Satellite. Managed VPN: Seamless, secure IPSec and SSL VPN connections to corporate resources on their optical network.

XO Communications
arrow XO Communications
XO is a facilities-based carrier that operates a nationwide multi-10 Gigabit Tier 1 fiber optic network and serves 75 U.S. major metropolitan markets. Provides Integrated Voice/Internet service with Dynamic bandwidth allocation and Dedicated Internet Services DS1/ T1, Fractional DS3, DS3, high bandwidth Fixed Wireless, and more.

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